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Topics Related To McDonaldization

Here are some sidebar links to topics that we feel tie-in with the concept of McDonaldization. The effects of McDonaldization are so wide-spread that these topics are all interrelated with each other.

  • Mindlessness - Dr. Ellen Langer has discovered that our brains take too way much for granted. From the moment we're born we're taught the "correct" way to do things. Eventually, we learn to stop looking for alternatives and simply accept the familiar as the way things "should" be.
  • Advertising - A major component of a McDonaldized society.
  • Wants & Desires - Why do we want to grow up and get jobs, have children, buy houses and cars, and crave all sorts of consumer goods? What is it that makes us want the things we want? And how many of these paths we end up on are the result of our own conscious decisions?
  • Deskilling - Within a McDonaldized society, employees do not need wide-ranging skill sets. In fact, to be productive, they only need to know how to complete a single task. This is an efficient way for companies to operate since new employees do not require a lot of training to be competent to perform a single task. This keeps training costs low. Since single-task employees require the least amount of education, they can be paid the lowest wages. This leaves them with little bargaining power to negotiate with their employers since they are so easily replaced.
  • Pursuasion - The average person is subjected to literally thousands of attempts, friendly or otherwise, to pursuade them to do something every day. Before you can begin to deal with these pursuasion attempts, you need to know and understand how they work.

If you have ideas for other topics for this page, please let us know.