The logo

Logo History

Just for fun, here is the evolution of the logo.

This is the very first logo design but was never actually used on the web site. This is the design the art staff came up with based on my concept. "Welcome to the food chain" is a phrase I created for t-shirts for the movie "Jurassic Park." (It wasn't selected, though, because they thought it was too violent.) Later, when I started this web site, I dusted off the phrase - I just love how well it fits with the site's theme.

I actually liked this logo quite a bit and would have been happy to use it, but the artist didn't care for it. My initial concept had the letters from "McDonaldization" dropping from a machine on the right onto the conveyor belt then carried to boxes on the left.

This was the logo deployed with the web site when the site initially launched. The boxes are gone, but the conveyor belt remains. Noteworthy is the addition of the McDonald's sinister color scheme. The text of "McDonaldization" is now in an "evil" typeface.

The smaller version of the logo used for page headers.

The current incarnation of our logo that was implemented Nov. 2001. This logo resulted when I joked to the art staff one day about making a "mean face" out of the Golden Arches®. It is made out of arches and typeface similar to the actual McDonald's logo. To keep the logo simple and clean, the food chain phrase was dropped.

A different version that's not as wide.