Parents and McDonalds

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Parents and McDonalds

Postby rkalise1 » Sun Nov 04, 2007 8:57 pm

Why would parents when they know how bad McDonalds is for people feed it to their young kids? This is why we know have one of the most overwieghted countrys in America!
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Re: Parents and McDonalds

Postby abbey » Sun Mar 23, 2008 7:10 pm

i argree, most parents now adays do not cook. I work at a grocery store and almost 65% of the time the people buy nothing healthy for their kids. All they buy are box foods that take no peperation or junk food that is mainly made out of sugar, and they have young kids who need good nutrition. They buy no fruit, nothing fresh to make a home cooked meal or healthy snacks. Its all quick and simple nowadays. Which make places like Mcdonals and other fast food resturants so handy because they can feed their family and be done with it, even though it is extremly unhealthy and once you start your children on a habit of eating fast food all the time they will continue to do so all the way through thier lives. And that is to bad, because if the next generation of kids continueto be overwight, all of the generations after them will be just as bad or even worse, as places like McDonals grow even bigger.
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Re: Parents and McDonalds

Postby dcouch1 » Wed Oct 22, 2008 5:48 pm

NaturalNews) McDonald’s paid the $1,700 tab for Seminole County, Florida’s report card jackets in exchange for a coupon, featuring Ronald McDonald, on the card’s cover (1, 2). With good grades and attendance, the coupon can be redeemed for a free Happy Meal.

This appears to violate the Children’s Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative, which McDonald’s joined last year (3). Created by the Better Business Bureau, the initiative "provide(s) companies that advertise foods and beverages to children with a transparent and accountable advertising self-regulation mechanism." Members are not allowed to advertise at schools and cannot place materials in editorial or entertainment content.

Did McDonald's find a loophole? The report cards are sent straight to the home and may not be easily classifiable as editorial or entertainment. The first compliance review will be in three years. We might have to wait until then for the verdict.

The coupons put parents in a tough spot; a mother in the Seminole school district resented 'being the bad guy' that had to deny her daughter the meal (4). The mother made the right decision; pairing rewards from doing well at school with unhealthy food is a dangerous combination. The child may only want to do well at school if this same reward is granted, a reward that probably jeopardizes her wellbeing in the long run. It is a safe assumption to believe that the unhealthier a child is, the worse he or she will do in school.

The type of food eaten definitely makes a difference in school performance. A study shows that eating a breakfast with whole grains, like oatmeal, beats eating cold cereal or no breakfast at all (5). This is probably due to its high protein and fiber, and its gradual rise of glucose levels.

McDonald's is scarce on nutritional qualities. McDonald's still bleaches all of its grains used, eliminating any good components of its breads. Bleaching most bread creates a poison called alloxon, which has produced diabetes in lab animals, a pretty good sign it is not safe for humans (6).

McDonald’s has added “healthy” choices to its menu, but these choices are only deceptively healthy, and contain colors and preservatives that have been determined to be detrimental to a human’s health (7).

McDonald’s defended its happy meals, citing that a child could choose a low calorie Happy Meal of Chicken McNuggets, apple dippers, and low fat milk (8). The combination may be low calorie, but it contains MSG, food coloring, and sodium benzoate (9, 10). Check here for McDonald's ingredients ( . Most children would probably want the even unhealthier choices, anyway.

McDonald's is not the only party to blame in this recent event. According to the, school board officials call the report card promotions a "business partnership" (11). The school must refrain from calling the promotion an advertisement, because the Seminole School Board has rules against advertising in its schools.

For schools to find these kinds of "partnerships" beneficial, there must be a lack of funds. If schools were properly paid for and funded, they would not be turning to corporations to print report card jackets.

I thought this article was interesting that not only are parents allowing their children to eat McDonalds and other unhealthy foods, but now schools are also joining in. The article explains how schools are bribing students to have good grades and attendance by offering a Happy Meal in return. Only a few parents are not allowing this much like the mother from Seminole schools did.
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