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The 2nd dimension

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Postby Tim » Tue Nov 30, 2004 5:22 pm

I like big things
The size of them impresses me
Just give me plenty
Forget about the quality
And I like fast food
The burgers always taste the same
No snotty waiters,
Escargot or Beaujolais

Music Time
Dennis DeYoung/Styx

Actually, Dennis mentions two of McDonaldization's themes in this song. "The burgers always taste the same" is a reference to predictability. "Big things," however, is calculability all the way. He just mentioned two out of the four main dimensions of McDonaldization without even trying.

The second aspect of McDonaldization is calculability. Calculability is " ... an emphasis on the quantitative aspects of products sold (portion size, cost) and service offered (the time it takes to get the product). (Page 9)"

Ritzer goes on to point out that this emphasis leads to the erroneous conclusion that more is better. If there is a lot of a product then it must be good. This is why we "super size" our "Double" Big Mac "extra" value meal. It is thought of as a better product.
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Bigger isn't always Better

Postby snstrauberry » Tue Sep 12, 2006 7:41 pm

I'd just like to say that America's fatuation with quantity over quality is having a serious impact on our health. You might be able to get Big Mac for a few dollars and in a few minutes, but all of the fat and sodium that you're consuming will bring health effects such as heart damage and weight gain that will last a lifetime. Just for anyone's information, a Big Mac has 560 calories, 80 mg of cholesterol, 1010 mg sodium, and 47 carbohydrates.
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Postby Lyndsay L » Sun Nov 04, 2007 1:14 pm

Food fast food
She wants fast food
She wants food fast
Fast food fast

"Fast Food"
Pete Townshend

I found these lyrics by Pete Townshend that talk about wanting fast food FAST and it made me think about the part of "Calculability" that Tim lightly touched on about the service offered. People often consider how long it would take to prepare a meal at home and the time it would take to actually sit down to eat it to the time it would take to drive-through a McDonalds or other fast food restauraunt. It is obvious, that people expect to receive a FAST, filling meal when going to a fast food restauraunt. I personally don't think it should even be a question whether "faster is better" or not... It is up to the person to decide which is more important. Finding time to eat healthy, or not finding time and eating what's available...
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Postby mksionz2 » Mon Nov 05, 2007 8:09 am

Big macs are my favorite
Eat them everyday
Pickles, cheese and lettuce
Who cares what they say.

I sang this song in elementary school for a music class to warm up our voices. This was about 8 years ago and they were trying to get us to eat fast food even that long ago, but I never thought anything of it until today. They are trying to pull kids in to say after school, “Mom, can I get McDonald’s tonight for dinner.”
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