Eating Healthy Just Doesn't Cut It

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Eating Healthy Just Doesn't Cut It

Postby ajuliano08 » Sun Mar 23, 2008 11:32 pm

I can say from my own personal experience that taking the healthy route when it comes to food isn't easy. I, being a typical college student, recently decided I was tired of eating on the go or just eating the crap they serve in the dining halls. Not only did it just not taste good anymore, but since I have been in college I have put on a whoping 25 lbs!!! So I decided I was going to actually start using the kitchen in my apartment to make myself some good ol' home-cooked meals. However, my trip to the grocery store was extremely upsetting. I found that the healthier food that I should eat (and often times tastes like healthy food...which is not a good thing) costs WAY more that regular fatty food. The price difference is enough to make you want to continue your old habits of drive-thru windows and cardboard-tasting dining hall food. People already struggle with the idea of eating fruits and veggies instead of brownies and fried-foods. Now they have to deal with emptying out their bank account in order to maybe loose some weight or just treat their bodies right. No wonder the world is getting fatter by the day. What can we do to be healthy and turn away from the evil golden arches and not go broke in the process!?
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