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The final aspect of McDonaldization is control. Control over both employees and customers because, " [people are] the great source of uncertainty, unpredictability and inefficiency in any rationalizing system...(page 101)". By increasing control, through increased mechanization, employers maintain a better control over the entire rationalization process.

Ritzer's focus involves control through the substitution of non-human for human technology. By making tasks repetitive and forcing employees not to think, employers can maintain a tighter control over them.

Then we go home, and the money we take from the bank is decided by the computer. Our meals are frozen, we microwave our popcorn (our microwaves even have "popcorn" buttons on them, so the popcorn is perfect every time), and our salads come pre-made in bags--just open and pour.

Pilots have begun to rely more and more on automated systems, Hertz Rent-A-Car is installing computerized maps in their cars, and scientists are experimenting with cars that have built-in guides all in a futile attempt to eliminate the fear that accidents will occur due to human error.

However, each of these "advances" becomes a step back. We are in less control and computers are in more control As things become more automated it is easier to replace workers, and as we spend more time on front of the television and less time thinking for ourselves. We become more dependent on the very things that McDonaldization creates.

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