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First things first. We are not sponsored by or affiliated with McDonald's, McDonald's Corporation, or any McDonald's restaurant. If anything, this web site probably gives them indigestion.

This site went online on February 28, 2000. Some areas of the site are still under development, however, free web hosting, the message board, and the online store are already operational and ready to go.

Our goal (or mission statement if you prefer the term) is to educate about the perils of the McDonaldization process. In the future, we hope to make the site more interactive (so you won't be getting only our viewpoint) with guest and reader submitted articles dealing with a wide variety of McDonaldization and related topics. Focus areas, such as real life examples (like Microsoft) and a reader's forum for personal McDonaldization experiences and horror stories will be used to bring the subject to a more immediate and personal level.

We are not sociologists or scientists and we do not claim to be experts on the subject of McDonaldization or sociology in general. We're simply passionate about spreading the word about this phenomenon and it's impact on our society. If you are a sociologist or studying sociology in school, we'd love to hear from you and get you involved in the site.

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